Hunter Desk and Pedestal Fans

Why Hunter Fans?

Desk and pedestal fans from Hunter immediately bring their renowned style, quality, craftsmanship and performance to every room in and around your home, office and work. These fans provide more airflow than any other manufacturer on the market at the quietest level possible as confirmed by independent tests.  Many such as the iconic retro styled Rockefeller have powerful, solid mechanical geared three-speed steel gearboxes.  Forget the feeble, noisy and overpriced Dyson fans these are the genuine solid cast zinc job (for a full performance comparison with the Dyson desk fans which move 25 times less air, see review). With their all-metal construction, 85° of smooth oscillation, height and tilt adjust ability they make cooling your room a real breeze.  To browse the full range of Hunter desk and pedestal fans go to  Noisy?  Yes they do make some noise which is inevitable due to the power of the fan having a relatively small diameter blade.  The noise is simply due to the propeller effect of the blade moving the air.  Comparing the noise per m3 of air moved they are 25 times quieter than a Dyson. They do have 3 speed setting though which means they can be used on a lower setting if less noise is needed.  They are not suitable for a bedroom where a ceiling fan is the best option as the RPM is much lower.  They are great for offices and places where there are reasonable levels of background noise.

The Rockefeller Desk Fan

The amazing Hunter Rockefeller desk fan - the most powerful on the market
Iconic Limited Edition Hunter Rockefeller 940043













The Rockefeller is a limited edition model which is no longer produced.  It has attracted a huge amount of attention from the press for it’s beautiful design.  This is not just a desk fan it is a statement and reminder of solid reliable engineering from a bygone era of US industrial might and production.  Even today Hunter fan files more patents than any other company in Memphis a testimony to it’s innovation and flair. About Hunter Fan Company USA.

The Century Desk Fan

The Century desk fan is almost as powerful as the Rockefeller and has a classic New York style look to it. It is also available with bigger blades – that move even more air – as a a pedestal version (see picture at top of this page) in black and brushed nickel.  These fans were sold in Harrods and The Conran Shop for a number of years.  Although they are no longer available there they can be obtained online from a number of sellers.

Retro New York style solid engineering desk fan with heavy base
Retro New York style solid engineering desk fan




















Hunter fans are of a solid pedigree and come from a company that has been making fans for over 1125 years.  They get rave reviews and have been featured in many of the leading home and style fashion magazines.  Here are a couple:

Sunday Telegraph Review

Sunday Telegraph Review of Hunter Rockefeller Desk Fan
Sunday Telegraph Review of Hunter Rockefeller Desk Fan














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25 Beautiful Homes Review of Hunter Rockefeller Desk Fan
25 Beautiful Homes Review of Hunter Rockefeller Desk Fan