Desk Fan vs Ceiling Fan – Which One Should I Buy?

A guide to whether you should buy a desk or ceiling fan.

Desk fans and ceiling fans may seem quite similar: they both have blades, they both have a motor and they both make me cooler! In actual fact however, desk and ceiling fans are quite different, each having their own strengths. It can be hard to decide which one to buy, especially when looking at the huge variety of both that Hunter sells, however this guide should give a better insight into which is best for you.

It all depends on what you are going to be doing when using the fan and in which room it will be positioned. High quality desk fans, such as the Hunter Rockefeller, operate at 1330 RPM, moving 2290 metres cubed of air per hour.  This means that the wind chill effect obtained is far higher than that of a ceiling fan, as a popular Hunter Ceiling fan operates at a much less powerful 220 RPM. If you are planning to use your fan in your office, and just want it to cool you then a desk fan is perfect as, especially in hot weather or in hotter countries, a fan such as the Rockefeller will be sure to keep you cool enough to work effectively and efficiently, regardless of what may be a 30 degree heat wave!

Ceiling fans have different strengths however and can be used with more versatility. Where a desk fan can only cool a few people at once, despite the Rockefeller’s 85 degree oscillation, a ceiling fan circulates the air and produces the wind chill effect across the whole room. Ceiling fans are also much quieter than desk fans, owing to their slower blade speed. Together, these show how a ceiling fan would be suited much better to a living room or bedroom where relaxation is key, rather than an office where sustained concentration is vital. Although desk fans allow mobility throughout the house, a ceiling fan has the added benefit of working throughout the year, where in the summer by switching the fan to its reverse setting, it could save you up to 24% on your heating bill!

So in conclusion, if you are looking for a fan that will be sure to keep you concentrated and cool whatever the weather, especially if you want to use it in your office, consider buying a desk fan. If however you want to use your fan in your living room or bedroom, where relaxation is the important factor, purchase a Hunter ceiling fan. A popular make of Hunter’s is the Seville ceiling fan, designed to elegantly fit into any bedroom or living room due to its classic finish and small size.